2019 Concept Car

The 2019 Concept Car is a SUV Premium vehicle with level 4 self-driving, which combines conventional driving and self-driving solutions, making it possible to enhance the possibilities of life on board.

The elaborate design of this interior has been based on three fundamental factors:

  • Innovative and natural materials: allow for decorative surfaces with intelligence and added value.
  • The integration of technology into Antolin's products offering entertainment systems and services, digital personalization and connectivity.
  • • The integration of ambient and functional lighting through different innovative solutions. These solutions employ the full potential of the new technologies and offer a permanent dialogue with the user.

The vehicle also presents Antolin’s vision of the cockpit of the future, where all the previous factors are reflected in a part of the car that is highly technological, functional and where the HMI (interaction between the passengers and the car and its systems) is a fundamental feature.