2022 Integrated Report: Antolin explains its transformation process based on innovation, sustainability and value creation to its stakeholders

2022 Integrated Report: Antolin explains its transformation process based on innovation, sustainability and value creation to its stakeholders

  • A year of transformation spanning all areas of the company to continue leading mobility from inside the vehicle.
  • Makes progress in its commitment to reduce emissions and responsible management of its supply chain, as well as improving occupational health and safety, promoting diversity and workforce training.

Antolin publishes its 2022 Integrated Report explaining to its different audiences the transformation the company is undergoing to lead the mobility of the future from inside the vehicle and which covers all areas of its business. A customer-centric culture, technological innovation, operational excellence, sustainability and talent are the differentiating values of Antolin’s transformation to lead a new time, as included and explained in the company’s annual report. All as part of Antolin’s commitment to continue to create value and advance its sustainable and responsible business model.

The company is “reinventing itself to keep up with the industry and our customers”, as Chairman Ernesto Antolin explains in the report, with the unwavering “commitment to develop its business model through a lens that is environmentally sustainable and responsible towards the society it serves”.

The Report provides information on the progress made throughout the 2022 fiscal year, including the approval of the Gear Up Our Ambition (GOA) Transformation Plan, with which Antolin adapts to the challenges of the mobility of the future, while developing a strong and profitable long-term growth project.

It also explains the initiatives the company is working on in matters such as innovation, ethics, corporate governance, supply chain and environmental commitment, as well as the management of talent and diversity in a workforce covering 115 nationalities and speaking 40 languages. All this with the purpose of providing information about what the value creation process is like and the results obtained for its different stakeholders: shareholders, customers, investors, employees and society.

A comprehensive analysis with honest, detailed and rigorous information as a result of the company’s willingness to share with all its stakeholders the details and main ESG advances achieved throughout the 2022 fiscal year. Advances in the three key areas of value growth for the company (Planet, People and Business) include:

  • Reduction of total scope 1 and 2 emissions by 36% compared to the base year (2019); 13.8% compared to 2021.
  • Use of 10.92% renewable electricity (2.46% in 2021). An increase that has prevented a total of 12,593 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.
  • 91% of the staff trained in the Code of Ethics.
  • 990,100 hours of training; 41 per employee.
  • A reduction of 10.76% in the Global Rate of Frequency of Occupational Accidents and Illnesses with Leave.
  • 84% adherence to the Direct Material Supplier and Investments Code of Conduct.
  • 63.1% of direct material suppliers evaluated in ESG criteria.
  • 60% of the members of the administration bodies are women.
  • €38.13 contributed to society per employee to promote initiatives for the economic and social development of society.

A permanent commitment to a responsible and sustainable business model for which Antolin was recognized as the leading industrial company in Spain in environmental, social and governance responsibility for the second consecutive year, according to the 2022 Merco ESG Responsibility ranking.

Antolin’s Annual Report has been prepared following the Integrated Reporting Council (IICR) Framework, as well as the most advanced 2021 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, as part of the company’s commitment to contributing to the 2030 Agenda. In addition, the guidelines set out in the United Nations Global Compact Principles, ISO 26000 and Law 11/2018 on Non-Financial Information and Diversity have been taken into account.

The document is available in digital PDF and interactive version in Spanish and English.




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