Antolin unveils two new monomaterial solutions enabling full recycling

Antolin unveils two new monomaterial solutions enabling full recycling

  • Conscious of the need and commitment to lead sustainability in automotive interior technological solutions, Antolin presents ECover and ECover Tech, two fully recyclable innovations.

Antolin has developed ECover and ECover Tech, two innovative and comprehensive solutions for vehicle interiors. These have been designed and developed with the aim of offering customers more sustainable components without compromising on design, perceived quality, or the integration of new features.

ECover utilizes a single material, polypropylene, both in the plastic carrier of the vehicle’s interior part and in the fabric that covers it. As a result, at the end of its life cycle, the entire solution is 100% recyclable, including production waste. The trim cover does not need to be separated, and the complete part can be transformed into recycled material batch for manufacturing new plastic parts for automotive or other sectors.

Tangible and Appealing Sustainability

Furthermore, by adding significant value to the product, the ECover Tech version allows for the integration of lighting and interactive functions into the final component. From a user experience perspective, this version offers customization possibilities for messages, on-demand interactivity, and sophisticated interior lighting elements.

Towards a Sustainable and Responsible Future in Interior Parts Production

Antolin’s current and future innovation focus is grounded in designing and developing technological solutions that consider all phases of the product life cycle and its environmental impact. This encompasses everything, from material acquisition to production, usage, and ultimately recycling or reuse at the end of its useful life.

Facilitating the final recycling of products is part of Antolin’s commitment to developing a circular business that prioritizes responsible resource usage and integrates materials with a lower environmental impact.

This alliance between innovation and sustainability underscores Antolin’s capacity to lead the new mobility paradigm from a positive impact perspective, supporting both the industry and clients in their decarbonization strategies.



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