Antolin’s sales rise by 10% to €3,533 million

Antolin’s sales rise by 10% to €3,533 million

  • Gross operating profit was up by 12% due to cost control and efficiency measures, while the year’s order intake reached €5.3 billion.

Antolin earned revenues coming to €3,533 million in the first nine months of 2023 compared to €3,220 million in the same period last year (+10%).

Between January and September, Antolin achieved €249 million in EBITDA which represents growth standing at 12%, accomplished in part by the efficiency measures rolled out under its transformation plan coupled with cost optimization and control.

This growth was posted in a challenging economic environment shaped by high inflationary pressures and a generalized rise in interest rates. Nevertheless, Antolin was able to deliver positive performance due to the robustness and diversification of its business and its ability to adapt efficiently to the market situation. Global vehicle production grew by 9% over the first nine months of the year.

As part of its transformation plan, Antolin is targeting an increased presence in markets with high growth potential for its business, such as China, and offering more value-added products to its customers by leveraging its capabilities in lighting, electronics, and HMI solutions. The goal is to attain sustainable and profitable growth while consolidating its position as the reference provider of technological solutions for the vehicle interior. Within these commercial efforts, Antolin continues to increase its order intake, as between January and September of this year it was able to win new projects worth €5,300 million.

One of Antolin’s business priorities is to tap into the business opened up by the new electric mobility that calls for a more technological vehicle interior delivering a better travel experience to the passenger. Accordingly, Antolin is backing the electric strategy of both legacy manufacturers and also new emerging firms specializing in electric cars with a strong focus on China. In total, it is a supplier to 14 all-electric brands around the world. The result is that in 2022 around 40% of the electric cars sold in the world were equipped with Antolin components.


All Antolin’s regions performed positively in the first nine months of the year, particularly Asia due to the strength of business in India and China: Its sales rose 12% to €564 million, compared to 7% growth in vehicle production in this market.

Sales in Europe and other markets climbed 12% to €1,759 million. Meanwhile, Antolin’s operations in North America posted revenues of €1,209 million, a 6% increase compared to the same period last year.



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