Thanks to our wide range of technology and processes, we create fully integrated cockpits and smart surfaces, incorporating lighting solutions, new functionalities and decorative inserts.

The cockpit is the epicentre of the interior of the car, combining the instrument panel with the vehicle's key systems. Antolin's experience in integrating the different components and systems results in a product that responds to the latest trends in mobility: electric, connected and shared vehicles.

The company's innovation is mainly focused on the seamless integration of instrument clusters, multimedia displays, lighting and  electronic solutions as well as driver and passenger monitoring systems.

The company is working to simplify the integration of systems and develop smart surfaces that combine design with functionality and comfort.

Our experience in the development of high quality interiors allows us to design and manufacture instrument panels characterised by their finishes and technological and safety features, such as the seamlesss integration of the passenger airbag system in leather.

We master a variety of unique skin technologies, such as double slush skin, which creates a trim with an unbeatable texture and finish with half the weight at a competitive cost. We cut and sew natural leather skins  combined with decorative seams in a technological craftsmanship exercise.

The seamless integration of multimedia displays and functional decorative inserts is one of the technological challenges that the company bets on in its strategy as Smart Integrators.


The central or floor consoles accompany the instrument panels combining the most functional appearance (storage compartments) with ambient lighting, seams and decorated surfaces. The company also works on reducing the weight of components, as well as on greater integration of functions.

In the future autonomous vehicle, the console will become more relevant to accommodate differet objects for the driver’s leisure or work, integrating drop-down trays, wireless chargers and flexible storage solutions.