Integrated Products


Our offer comprises a set of products covering different technologies, such as lighting, electronics and smart surfaces, among others, being able to offer complete systems that improve life on board and how people interact with the interior and  surroundings. With this offer, the sensations of comfort are improved to all levels: thermal, acoustic, tactile and even olfactory.

Technical teams have multidisciplinary capabilities and integrate knowledge of a very different nature. The different business units work in a cross-divisional way to offer a differential market proposal. In this way, the advantages for the customer in terms of efficiency are unquestionable.



Our value proposition

The strategic partnership with Walter Pack – a benchmark company in the production of decorated surfaces and technical parts – allows us to offer decorative inserts and smart surfaces based on films made from various technologies, such as IMF or IMD among others.

Our innovative surface technologies play with new materials, textures and patterns inspired by Mother Nature. We use natural materials, such as real stone, natural cork and leather. We even go a step further by combining them to create bimaterial decorative inserts with a new design  that offers an alternative to traditional solutions.

We also use finishes and materials, such as steel mesh, simil carbon fibre or brushed aluminium to give a sportier character to our proposals.



Continuing the market trend of mechanical button suppression, we develop touch surfaces with haptic response for the control of different functions. The capacitive pad integrates backlit capacitive buttons and decorative inserts with different surface finishes.

The perceived quality achieved is greater compared to conventional solutions, providing a minimalist look & feel and a more technological character.

Advanced Overhead Console

Antolin develops overhead consoles with different levels of functionality according to the vehicle segment and its character. Among the features that we can include in our developments are:

  • Lighting functions (reading, dynamic ambient or backlighting).
  • Motorized matrix and adaptive lights.
  • Gesture control to operate the panoramic roof.
  • Capacitive switches with haptic feedback.
  • A2B microphone.
  • Integration of cameras, sensors and environmental indicators.
  • E-Call and B-Call buttons.
  • Alarm module integration (intrusion sensors).
  • Conversation mirror.
  • Sunglass bin.
  • Smart surfaces in black piano films.

Backlit Trim

Our functional dynamic lighting solutions can be integrated into any interior component, such as cockpits, doors, pillars, centres consoles or any other hard or soft trim parts.

Linings can range from trims, such as natural or vegan skin, alcantara, translucent or conventional fabrics to hard trim surfaces, such as decorative films, perforated aluminium, or natural elements as wood, cork or real stone.

Dynamic lighting, incorporating ISELED technology, offers different functional lighting scenarios to transmit information to the driver about both the vehicle itself and the environment. In this way, the light can report driving mode in hybrid vehicles, status of battery charge or alertlights to help the driver.


Backlit overhead

 Ambient and functional light integration

Two families of illuminated overhead systems, Star-fx and Sky-fx, comprise the main offer from Antolin to customise the overhead function.

Overheads with integrated light offer multiple design and customisation possibilities. Thanks to its expertise in lighting along with its extensive industrial tradition in the overhead function, Antolin is a leader in this area with an extensive proposal. The overheads acquire different variants, complemented by special fabrics designed by Antolin to allow light to be expressed freely.

The latest advances in lighting integration can replace traditional plastic overhead consoles and reading spots with functional lighting integrated directly into the overhead substrate itself. Traditional mechanical buttons are replaced by capacitive sensors integrated under the substrate fabric. A touch on the headliner and the light appears as if by magic, making it easier to read.