Light as an element of communication

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the vehicle today more than ever, as it is a versatile and smart system capable of interacting with different functions of the interior.

Antolin develops and produces any type of lighting both inside and outside the vehicle, with the exception of headlights: overhead consoles with advanced functions, dome lamps, reading spots, multifunction lights, DRLs, welcome lights, license plate and puddle lights, and side repeaters.

Vehicle lighting is essential for road safety, so we develop innovative lighting systems that help driving under certain circumstances (Night Driving Improved Vision System).

The technological partnership with benchmark suppliers, such as Hi-Rain Technologies, allows us to increase our penetration into key markets such as China, with great short-term growth potential.


Interior Lighting

Our range of interior lighting products includes a wide range of solutions that integrates into various systems.

Traditional overhead consoles are optimised by incorporating, in addition to lighting sources, various additional functions such as storage compartments, conversation mirror, microphone, different types of sensors or cameras and even gesture control to operate panoramic systems.

Antolin is also developing a line of consoles with advanced lighting and electronics functions, such as adaptive lighting or matrix lighting, which allow for a personalised level of lighting according to the immediate passengers' needs.

Our offer is completed with reading spots and multifunction lights that can be integrated into overheads, doors, trunks or glove compartments.



We have taken hold in recent years as one of the largest suppliers both in the technological development of ambient lighting – especially for high-end vehicles – and in the new generation of dynamic lighting systems. The purpose is to generate different scenarios that transform the user's onboard experience.

More innovative proposals with functional and dynamic lighting are added to the traditional offer of ambient lighting. Dynamic ambient lighting systems employ Smart LED technology, which, combined with electronics and control software, generate different light signals informing the driver or passenger about vehicle conditions. Light stands as an element of communication between passengers and the outside world.

In this sense, Antolin is a member of the ISELED alliance promoted by BMW to develop complete smart lighting systems inside the car. LED lights become smart thanks to microcontrollers with RGB technology included in the LED itself.



New mobility solutions give us opportunities to enhance our more traditional offer in vehicle exterior lighting. The entire body is built on a platform to integrate complete functional lighting systems that communicate and create brand image. Thus, a new product line emerges: the exterior logos backlit with functional lighting. These logo lights become distinctive symbols of each brand and model range, uniting image with a specific function, such as the third brake light.