Number one worldwide

One in four cars manufactured in the world are equipped with our modular systems.

Our long industrial tradition, coupled with our capacity for innovation, produce headliner solutions that meet all the needs of our customers in terms of sustainability, weight reduction, customisation and improvement of safety and acoustics.

Our multi-technological offer (WET PU,  thermoplastic and thermostable technologies), as well as a complete network of production plants and Just in Time centres, allow us any level of integration in proximity to our customers. In this way, Antolin stands as a leader in modular headliner, supplying different levels of integration according to the needs of the customer.

We are committed to the development of more sustainable and lightweight headliners, by incorporating natural fibres, green foams and  adhesives. Our efforts also focus on incorporating advanced fabrics that improve perceived quality and functionality, as well as new fixing concepts for modular headliners.

The experience of Antolin offers different coverings levels for substrates with a unique offer of trims. We have developed our own line of fabrics that can offer an unbeatable aesthetic quality, both visual and tactile. Loose fabrics, such as Swan, offer the possibility of two-colour surfaces or laser-drawn graphics. Microfiber fabrics such as Samoa, provide a premium finish for high-end vehicles. We also supply headliners with noble materials such as leather, improving their appearance by incorporating aesthetic and functional seams, as well as other elements such as fibre optics.

The mastery of lighting systems allows us to backlight the substrates, offering unique ambient and functional light solutions on the market, which help in the customisation of the interior.





Cost efficiency, industrial presence and innovative solutions position us as one of the world leaders in this product.

We have all the technologies adapted to each market to meet the most varied requirements in terms of weight, safety and customisation, meeting the technical requirements of all segments.

Antolin has made substantial innovations in this product, such as SOR - Slide On Rod (lateral slide), reducedthickness sunvisors, integration of multi-function mirrors, bimaterials or new design covers.

The company integrates lighting solutions that increase product functionality, from anti-glare halo lighting to custom backlit logos.

We are working on circular economy solutions in this product with the intention of becoming the sustainability leader in sunvisors.