Our current and future capacity to create value


 We are one of the largest players in the car interiors market internationally and number 1 worldwide supplier of headliner substrates.

We offer products with high added value to outfit automobile interiors: Overheads & Trunk Trim, Doors & Hard Trim, Lighting and Cockpits & Consoles. Our long industrial tradition and mastery of a broad technologies portfolio have positioned us as a key reference in the automotive sector.

We dominate the complete component cycle from component conception and design, through development and validation to parts industrialization and sequenced delivery.


Our main assets

Talent   30,000 individuals drive us to success
Financial strength   

Annual sales of 5,425 million euros in 2018

Profitable growth trajectory

Global presence  

26 countries

155 production plants and centers Just in Time

25 technical-commercial offices

Design, engineering and production capacity in low-cost countries


We innovate today to obtain a sustainable future for the automobile

We improve the end user's on-board experience

We optimize costs and processes to contribute greater value


Understood as a strategic element that conditions  and shapes our activity

We promote continuous learning and experience feedback




From a mechanics garage to a multinational company

Grupo Antolin started its business journey as a mechanics garage (specialized in vehicle and agriculture machinery repairs) in Burgos, Spain, and run by Avelino Antolin López and his sons Avelino and José.

Today, Grupo Antolin is a leading multinational company in the development, design and manufacture of interior components for the automobile industry (Overhead, Doors, Lighting and Cockpits & Consoles). A strong and competitive company established in 26 countries in which more than 25,000 people develop their talent. Creativity, leadership and client satisfaction continue to be our core values today and are the best recipe for success in the future.





Rubber-metal steering joint

The Antolin brothers invent the rubber-metal steering joints by placing a rubber insert in the joint, thus prolonging the useful life of this component. At the time, this invention solved important safety problems in vehicle steering.



ANSA is born

Foundation of the ANSA company by the Antolin family dedicated to the manufacture of steering joints and vehicle suspension systems.



Manufacture of trims

August of that year sees the foundation of Talleres ARA, S.L. in Burgos (Spain), dedicated to the manufacture of trims and accessories for automobiles. 



Diversification strategy

Talleres ANSA signs an agreement with Lemförder, a leading German joint manufacturing company for the construction in Burgos of the Ansa-Lemförder, S.A. plant, of which the Antolin brothers are the majority shareholders. This was the launching point for the company's product diversification strategy, which then acquired manufacturing licenses for interior car parts, such as latches and power windows.



ARA Guarnecidos is founded

ARA Guarnecidos, S.A. (Aragusa) was established as the direct result of the diversification of vehicle interior parts and separated from ARA. 



Glasutec technology

The Pianfei Solano company was founded in collaboration with the Italian Pianfei company, the first overhead manufacturing plant to include the technological innovation: Glasutec. In 1999, the company changed its name to Grupo Antolin-Eurotrim.



Window regulators

The Dapsa company was established in September of that year (separating from ARA). The manufacture of power windows for the manufacturers of Talbot and Fasa Renault automobiles began in 1984.



Grupo Antolin holding

The Grupo Antolin holding was set up to manage, coordinate and consolidate all the activities of the various companies forming the corporation.




The company's internationalization phase begins, with the inauguration of one plant per year abroad.

Sales offices are set up in the most relevant decision-making centers in Europe, such as the United Kingdom (1989), France (1990), Germany (1993) and the USA (1993). 



R&D&i strategy

A new R&D&i approach that would make it one of the pillars of the company's overall strategy. The Grupo Antolin-Ingenieria was created in January of that year, coinciding with the establishment of Cidaut (Foundation for Transportation and Energy Research and Development).



New headquarters

The construction work for the new Grupo Antolin headquarters in Burgos, Spain is completed.



New image

The corporate image changes. The new brand was created to present a company that was more dynamic and innovative and focused on the future. 



Product range expansion

Addition of sunvisors to Grupo Antolin's product portfolio.




A new method of growth is generated by the transformation of simple products into modular products that cover all the product's inherent functions.



Door Trim Module

Grupo Antolin launches the DTMDoor Trim Module, its most complete exponent of modular integration. The door panel becomes the supporting element for all the door components: handles, power windows, loudspeakers, latches or wiring, improving the waterproofing and safety features.



Capital increase

Company capital is increased with the participation of five Spanish savings banks.



Weight reduction

Grupo Antolin-Magnesio is created in Burgos with the goal of completing the Group's ample experience in metal and plastics and to expand the potential for vehicle weight reduction.




The Group purchases the European provider CML Innovative Technologies, specialized in vehicle lighting systems. As a result, Grupo Antolin becomes one of the leading European companies in vehicle interior lighting. 

Grupo Antolin establishes itself in Italy by the acquisition of the CRS business line (specialized in the manufacture of automobile interior linings) and creating the Grupo Antolin-Italia company.



Family Company

The Antolin family acquires the 22.8% stake held by a group of Spanish savings entities, reflecting the family’s commitment to the company's future. The Group Antolin’s shareholders and management remain committed to sustainable and profitable growth in the coming years.




Antolin consolidated its position as a global supplier and now ranks 56 in the worldwide ranking of automotive sector suppliers. The company will further its growth in the areas with potential for expansion in the automotive industry in order to continue providing an integrated management service (from innovation research to the delivery of the end product) to automobile manufacturers worldwide. 



Top Management Changes

José Antolin Toledano becomes Honorary Chairman after more than 50 years dedicated to the company. Ernesto Antolin Arribas was appointed as the company's new Chairman and María Helena Antolin Raybaud the new Vice-Chairwoman.

Purchase of Magna Interiors

Grupo Antolin completes the acquisition of Magna Interiors and becomes one of the largest players in the car interiors market internationally. The new Grupo Antolin doubles its size with sales of more than €4 billion and a workforce of around 28,000 employees.




Present in 42 out of the 154 launches worldwide

Grupo Antolin attained consolidated sales of 5,247 million euros, which represents an increase of 49.6% compared to the previous year. In addition, an investment of more than €285 million was made in 2016, the largest figure in its history, in order to equip itself with the best technological means to further improve its commitment to innovation. María Helena Antolin is named President of SERNAUTO and King Felipe VI awards Mister José Antolin the prize Kingdom of Spain to the Business Career. 




New Vision and Values

Grupo Antolin presents the company’s new Vision and Values. The sale of the Seating Business Unit as part of the company's business strategy. The company achieved sales of 5,037 million euros in 2017 and is present in 9 of the 10 best-selling vehicles in the world.




Launch of the Strategic and Smart Integrator Plan.



We create the interior of the car for our customers

Our customers’ success is our success. We work hard every day to help vehicle manufacturers develop more sustainable, technologically advanced, and comfortable cars to help improve the passenger travel experience.

In order to successfully respond to the demanding expectations of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, we identify their demands in advance and work with them very closely, supporting them in developing new solutions and services adapted to new mobility challenges.

Furthermore, we ensure responsible management in the supply chain and are committed to sustainability with smart interiors that provide customers with the best technology, materials of the highest quality, and the most innovative solutions.


We innovate together

We collectively develop innovative solutions with our customers to help improve the experience while inside the vehicle and respond to the needs that arise with each new model. Thus, on the tech days we have with customers, the innovation teams strengthen their relationship with the carmakers by working with them in order to incorporate the proposals developed by Antolin into their new car models. Through these initiatives, we build a close relationship with the customers, which allows us to identify their needs in advance and offer them immediate solutions with the highest level of efficiency.


Our Clients


Full Service Supplier

Antolin has consolidated its status as Full Service Supplier thanks to its numerous competences. The participation in this category enables the company to accompany the client in the complete product cycle in all the countries where it operates. Thus, Antolin is prepared to provide the client with an additional, agile and flexible service through all the necessary processes; from the conception and design of the components to the delivery of serial products within client-required quality standards.




Materialization of ideas

At the moment, differentiation is a key factor for users and builders. At Antolin, we direct our innovation strategy to respond to the trends and needs of society, end users and our clients, as a joint effort to make them an industrial reality.

We are focused on achieving new goals in INTERIOR, where all our innovative products are capable of surprising and interacting with the senses. The development of intelligent surfaces, the integration of lighting and its effects, frequently surprising and magical, the care for detail, advanced and sustainable textiles and plastics; these are currently our hallmarks and undoubtedly one of the factors that make us the best choice as a high added value provider with real solutions.






Design at the service of the client anywhere in the world

The design and simulation of the components that we develop at Antolin have their source in Graphic Engineering according to our clients' specifications and needs. We ensure manufacturing with deadline and quality guarantees by analyzing product performance during its useful life and anticipating future problems. 


What do we offer our clients?

We offer complete high-quality and reliable projects world-wide: conception, design, virtual analysis and subsequent modifications.

  • Design engineering and analysis.
  • Document and project management.
  • Product Verification.
  • VAVE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering) and maintenance.
  • Manufacturing feasibility reports.
  • Material and process selection reports.
  • FMEA for all components.
  • Design Engineering optimization and methodology.

What do we rely on?

The company has a central Corporate Engineering unit in Burgos and technological Graphic Engineering centers all around the world. We use conception/validation systems with 

computerized simulation, as well as new simulation tools, CAD and Antolin Methodology to generate a virtual 3D environment for the study, analysis, evaluation, validations and improvement of the production processes for our products.

  • Global management of external engineering that allows us to access a wide range of configurations, depending on the needs of the project.
  • A leading design center in India and another in Morocco, as well as branches in low-cost countries: Morocco, Tunisia, India, Mexico and Poland.
  • A structure of Technical Centers with a technical team specialized in each manufacturer. The company has 9 R&D centers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.
  • An internal, multi-purpose team working with the client that stands out for its cooperation and functional abilities.



We currently work at a world-wide level through the Team Center system (document management system), so the same information is available from any of our Technical Centers. Likewise, all the experience and documents are shared through our Corporate Intranet.

We are also aligned with our clients to create product design and simulation, which involves product conception, feasibility, technical support, generation of 3D definitions and drawings




A worldwide leader in the automotive sector

The new challenges faced by the automotive sector require suppliers to become thoroughly involved in product conception and development and to acquire the means to make the reliability and robustness of their tests and assays unquestionable.

What do we offer our clients?

At Antolin we take into consideration all the testing and validation procedures throughout the product's useful life. At the disposal of our clients we place the means for experimental validation needed to guarantee compliance with specifications in all the applicable fields: chemistry/physics, functional assays, acoustics and safety.

We ensure the comprehensive management of testing and validation procedures throughout the product's life cycle:

  • Reliable performance of assays.
  • Result traceability.
  • Generation of profound knowledge on product behavior
  • Knowledge that is expanded and applied serially in future projects to improve component quality and robustness throughout their useful life


What do we rely on?

The central Laboratories and Validation area, dependent on Corporate Quality Management is responsible for project validation, as regards both the Innovation and Development phases and advanced and serial engineering activities.

Main assay areas in the validation unit:

  • Acoustics and Vibration
  • Electronics
  • Metals and metallography
  • Materials for interior lining, plastics and foams
  • Metrology.
  • Functional component tests.


  • Chemical component identification techniques (differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetry and spectrometry).
  • Complete function test benches.
  • Mechanical tests (hardness, mechanical resistance, etc.).
  • Sensory tests associated with vehicle comfort (smell, touch, appearance, sound).
  • Acoustic absorption, noise measurements.
  • Electronics (electromagnetic compatibility).
  • Emissions.



Our central laboratory, a worldwide point of reference

Our central laboratory has been certified by ENAC (National Accreditation Agency) according to standard ISO 17025 that certifies it to perform the most demanding assays and calibrations. It is considered to be one of the best material testing laboratories in the entire automotive sector. This certification is a formal international recognition of the technical proficiency of our Validation Laboratory.

International standard UNE-EN-ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 establishes the general requirements for proficiency in the performance of assays or calibrations. It is a quality standard based on the ISO 9000 series of Quality standards. Although this standard has many similarities with ISO 9001 standard, its distinguishing feature is that its main purpose is to certify the proficiency of testing installations (Laboratories).




Product quality, manufacturing and development

 At Antolin we are firmly committed to our customers and to meeting their needs, and in this sense we apply technical and management tools in accordance with the sector's regulations to guarantee the quality of the products supplied and the services provided:

The company's management system ensures that all functions work together towards this common goal while creating value for all stakeholders.




The main pillars on which the good performance and the achievement of the above objective are summarised in the following priorities:

Robust product-process design and industrialisation: Application of the project management process and advanced quality planning from project conception to the end of its serial life.

Efficient production: Application of production management, logistics and engineering processes always in coordination with the serial quality assurance process during the production and value generation period of our programmes.

Global support: One of the most important pillars to guarantee a perfect balance in achieving customer satisfaction is the efficient management of transversal global support aimed at the management of people, technical resources and supplies that both our developments and our production operations require.

A path: At Antolin we are convinced of the need to preserve and strengthen the values that have made this company a benchmark for compliance, competitiveness and agility in its relations with its customers and, in general, its most important stakeholders. In this sense, the strategic processes guarantee a clear course around these principles and values.

Continuous improvement: The organisation of Antolin, and the activities planned for each function, are aimed at obtaining results in accordance with the expectations of our customers and our stakeholders as a whole. In addition, these same processes contain within them strategies that promote sustainable and responsible continuous improvement, activity by activity, and for the entire operation as a whole, establishing a dynamic of continuous improvement, in order to ensure the performance of the business and its permanence in the market.


Quality Policy



Production standardization, a quality guarantee

The Antolin Production System achieves sustainable optimization of resources and process efficiency. This GA comprehensive production and management system is based on the Lean Manufacturing culture and work philosophy, a concept applied in production and transactional processes.

Our plants in Spain capitalize on knowledge of the Group's production systems and fine-tuning of new products. These factories are key to optimizing production processes and transferring that knowledge and the practical improvements to the rest of our factories around the world.

  • Excellence in project execution.
  • Robustness and standardization of processes.
  • Lean Manufacturing Philosophy
  • Just-in-Time Specialization.


Grupo Antolin is aware of the global transformation that knowledge is generating in the automotive industry, as well as in current society, knowledge is a strategic element that conditions and shapes our activity.



Knowledge is the core of an individual's professional competency. Grupo Antolin believes in organizations based on learning and cooperation between individuals to facilitate the inclusion of knowledge in our value chain with the commitment of the entire organization.



Knowledge Management is driving a culture change that makes the most of the capacities and experience of the Group's employees. It enhances continuous learning that favors the creation and adaptation of our products and processes to the needs and demands of our clients.

What? Key Knowledge Model

Who? Knowledge Leaders and Communities

How? Global Knowledge System



Process-based tools:

  • Key Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Leaders
    • Communities
  • Capitalization
    • Lessons Learned
    • Design Guidelines
    • Standardization
  • Detection
    • Interviews with Experts
    • Surveys
    • Questionnaires
    • Taxonomy


Searching for the current state of knowledge.

  • Transmission
    • Innovative Day Meetings (IDM): training with suppliers and technological centers
    • Internal experts transfer and share their knowledge
    • Benchmarking of products and process
    • Technical training linked to our business necesities
    • Knowledge networks that connect individuals who share the same Know-How