We create the interior of the car for our customers

Our customers’ success is our success. We work hard every day to help vehicle manufacturers develop more sustainable, technologically advanced, and comfortable cars to help improve the passenger travel experience.

In order to successfully respond to the demanding expectations of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, we identify their demands in advance and work with them very closely, supporting them in developing new solutions and services adapted to new mobility challenges.

Furthermore, we ensure responsible management in the supply chain and are committed to sustainability with smart interiors that provide customers with the best technology, materials of the highest quality, and the most innovative solutions.


We innovate together

We collectively develop innovative solutions with our customers to help improve the experience while inside the vehicle and respond to the needs that arise with each new model. Thus, on the tech days we have with customers, the innovation teams strengthen their relationship with the carmakers by working with them in order to incorporate the proposals developed by Antolin into their new car models. Through these initiatives, we build a close relationship with the customers, which allows us to identify their needs in advance and offer them immediate solutions with the highest level of efficiency.


Our Clients