Grupo Antolin started its business journey as a mechanics garage (specialized in vehicle and agriculture machinery repairs) in Burgos, Spain, and run by Avelino Antolin López and his sons Avelino and José.

Today, Grupo Antolin is a leading multinational company in the development, design and manufacture of interior components for the automobile industry (Overhead, Doors, Lighting and Cockpits & Consoles). A strong and competitive company established in 26 countries in which more than 25,000 people develop their talent. Creativity, leadership and client satisfaction continue to be our core values today and are the best recipe for success in the future.


Antolin begins a new stage in its long history with the aim of leading the transformation of mobility. The company launches its new brand and corporate identity as well as the GOA (Gear up Our Ambition) Transformation Plan, a comprehensive transformation program to generate greater value in its current business while delivering a robust and profitable long-term growth project.


Honorary Chairman and founder José Antolin Toledano passed away. José Antolin was a unique businessman who, with his vision of business, effort and work, together with his brother Avelino, converted a small Burgos business into a multinational company of reference in the automotive industry.


2021 was a very complex year for the entire industry as a result of the global economic effects caused by the pandemic.

Within the strategic alliances, a new joint venture with NAEN will improve our capabilities in advanced electronics in the Chinese market.


With this new BU, Grupo Antolin provides different solutions for the functionalities associated with the interior of the car, responding to the growing demand for intelligent systems in the sector


The Smart Integrator strategy seeks to consolidate the company as a global provider of technology solutions for the automotive interior.


Grupo Antolin presents the company’s new Vision and Values. The sale of the Seating Business Unit was part of the company’s business strategy to focus on its other activities.


María Helena Antolin is named President of SERNAUTO and King Felipe VI awards Mister José Antolin the prize Kingdom of Spain to the Business Career. 


José Antolin Toledano becomes Honorary Chairman after more than 50 years dedicated to the company. Ernesto Antolin Arribas was appointed as the company's new Chairman and María Helena Antolin Raybaud the new Vice-Chairwoman.

Purchase of Magna Interiors

Grupo Antolin completes the acquisition of Magna Interiors and becomes one of the largest players in the car interiors market internationally. The new Grupo Antolin doubles its size with sales of more than €4 billion and a workforce of around 28,000 employees.


Antolin strengthens its position in the global ranking of the largest automotive suppliers. The company will further its growth in the areas with potential for expansion in the automotive industry in order to continue providing an integrated management service (from innovation research to the delivery of the end product) to automobile manufacturers worldwide. 


The Antolin family acquires the 22.8% stake held by a group of Spanish savings entities, reflecting the family’s commitment to the company's future. The Group Antolin’s shareholders and management remain committed to sustainable and profitable growth in the coming years.


The Group purchases the European provider CML Innovative Technologies, specialized in vehicle lighting systems. As a result, Grupo Antolin becomes one of the leading European companies in vehicle interior lighting. 

Grupo Antolin establishes itself in Italy by the acquisition of the CRS business line (specialized in the manufacture of automobile interior linings) and creating the Grupo Antolin-Italia company.


José Antolin receives the Gold Medal for Merit at Work, the highest distinction for a worker in Spain.


Grupo Antolin-Magnesio is created in Burgos with the goal of completing the Group's ample experience in metal and plastics and to expand the potential for vehicle weight reduction.


The Group received the Prince Felipe Award for Innovation for its DTM® (Door Trim Module) door panel.


Grupo Antolin launches the DTMDoor Trim Module, its most complete exponent of modular integration. The door panel becomes the supporting element for all the door components: handles, power windows, loudspeakers, latches or wiring, improving the waterproofing and safety features.


A new method of growth is generated by the transformation of simple products into modular products that cover all the product's inherent functions.



Grupo Antolin acquires the sunvisor production unit of the Meritor company in France. This plant will become Grupo Antolin-Vosges.


The corporate image changes. The new brand was created to present a company that was more dynamic and innovative and focused on the future. 


In 1996, operations began in India with its first production plant in Ranjangaon. In 1994, Grupo Antolin opens in South Africa with a JV dedicated to the manufacture of headliners.


Internalization Continues, India and South Africa – In 1996 operations begin in India with their first production plant in Ranjangaon. In 1994, Grupo Antolin opens in South Africa with a JV dedicated to the manufacture of headliners.


On March 20 Avelino Antolin passed away, a position that his brother, José Antolin, will occupy. In 1997 Ernesto Antolin was appointed Vice Chair of the company.


Internationalization continues, and Grupo Antolin opens its first plant in Mexico, in the city of Silao. A year later, in 1995, Intertrim is opened in Caçapava, Brazil. Both, from headliners production.


A new R&D&i approach that would make it one of the pillars of the company's overall strategy. The Grupo Antolin-Ingenieria was created in January of that year, coinciding with the establishment of Cidaut (Foundation for Transportation and Energy Research and Development).


The company's internationalization phase begins, with the inauguration of one plant per year abroad.

Sales offices are set up in the most relevant decision-making centers in Europe, such as the United Kingdom (1989), France (1990), Germany (1993) and the USA (1993). 


The Grupo Antolin holding was set up to manage, coordinate and consolidate all the activities of the various companies forming the corporation.


The Dapsa company was established in September of that year (separating from ARA). The manufacture of power windows for the manufacturers of Talbot and Fasa Renault automobiles began in 1984.


In collaboration with the Italian company Pianfei, Pianfei Solano is established in Burgos, the first headliner factory that incorporates a technological novelty: Glasutec®. In 1999, the company was renamed GA-Eurotrim.


As a result of a strategy of diversification of interior products, ARA Guarnecidos, S.A. was born. (segregating from ARA). In 1999 it was renamed GA-Aragusa and in 2001 it was moved to Monte de la Abadesa.


Talleres ANSA signs an agreement with Lemförder, a leading German joint manufacturing company for the construction in Burgos of the Ansa-Lemförder, S.A. plant, of which the Antolin brothers are the majority shareholders. This was the launching point for the company's product diversification strategy, which then acquired manufacturing licenses for interior car parts, such as latches and power windows.


August of that year sees the foundation of Talleres ARA, S.L. in Burgos (Spain), dedicated to the manufacture of trims and accessories for automobiles. 


Foundation of the ANSA company by the Antolin family dedicated to the manufacture of steering joints and vehicle suspension systems.


The Antolin brothers invent the rubber-metal steering joints by placing a rubber insert in the joint, thus prolonging the useful life of this component. At the time, this invention solved important safety problems in vehicle steering.

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