Vision and Values



Antolin is immersed in a period of transformation which also includes the way we work, what we are and how we want to be perceived. As a result of this evolution, we have reformulated the Vision and Values with the aim of making them the clear image of Antolin, a modern and innovative reality that is based on our historical desire to improve. The Vision and Values show how we are to the world. They are our essence and must guide our work and our business and how we perform in the coming years. 




Family Spirit

Over the years, our family spirit has instilled in us a sense of independence and decision-making ability, which, combined with our effort and commitment to our stakeholders, enables us to act in a flexible, reliable, and secure manner, anticipating their needs. At Antolin, we approach challenges with responsibility and professionalism, always considering the long term. We make decisions that we can be proud of, decisions that have a positive impact not only on ourselves but also on the environment around us.

Responsibility and Sustainability

We are aware that we can improve the world we live in through our daily work. At Antolin, sustainability is an inherent value in our business philosophy, a responsible way of acting that generates a positive and lasting impact on society beyond specific actions. We approach sustainability in a holistic manner throughout our business, reaching all the stakeholders we collaborate and cooperate with, to ensure that the mobility of the future is sustainable.

Evolution and Innovation

We believe in innovation as the key to success. At Antolin, we are constantly seeking new challenges, improvements, and solutions to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers, contributing to the transformation of mobility. Our 360-degree approach allows us to offer comprehensive and personalized solutions to our clients. Additionally, we ensure that we are always at the forefront of our industry, embracing the emerging trends of future mobility.

Talent and Commitment

We are a company committed to people. Individuals who, with work and effort, give their best to achieve the results that have led us to success. At Antolin, we emotionally connect with our stakeholders. We share their needs and goals and strive to understand their way of thinking and acting, in order to adapt to them and offer them the full potential of an engaged team.