The Compliance Management System is the set of policies and guidelines for the control and prevention of practices contrary to the legal system in the territories operated by the company, as well as those that violate the internal regulations of Antolin.

Corporate Policy

Antolin has different regulations and procedures of mandatory compliance that develop the principles contained in its Code of Ethics and Conduct. The objective is to provide a clear framework of action that allows to develop a unique and global model of ethics and compliance for all our employees.

Compliance Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Anti-corruption Policy
Anti-Trust Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Corporate Privacy Policy
Corporate Policy of the Internal Whistleblowing System


Antolin ranks as a benchmark in the international best practices industry for compliance and anti-corruption, as highlighted by AENOR's double certification of UNE-ISO 19601 and 37001 standards.

Criminal Compliance Management System Certificate
Anti-Bribery Management System Certificate
IQNET 37001 Recognition

Diversity and Respect

As part of our business culture, we are committed to developing working relationships based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination, respect for diversity and zero tolerance for harassment.

We facilitate and promote measures to achieve real equality within our organization by considering diversity as a cross-cutting factor at the heart of all people management policies.


Anti-Harassment Policy
Policy on Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Risk Prevention and Control

Risk management is a critical part of the Antolin strategy. The company believes that investing in its prevention and mitigation enables it to achieve business objectives everywhere it operates. For this purpose it has an internal control system GRC-SAP.

Training and Awareness

Training and awareness is the key to creating a culture of compliance. The Compliance Department has launched courses on the Code of Ethics, anti-corruption, anti-competition, conflicts of interest, harassment prevention, third parties...etc, always adapted to the profile and risk of the audience. In addition to this training activity, Antolin carries out awareness campaigns in the workplaces with posters and new communication tools, such as "weekly compliance flashes", and new formats such as videos, podcasts and audiobooks.