The Door Panels of Grupo Antolin: Innovative, Sustainable and Smart

The Door Panels of Grupo Antolin: Innovative, Sustainable and Smart


Grupo Antolin is always trying to push the boundaries of innovation and reinvent the way we conceive the interior. Lately, we have level-up our traditional door panel solutions, not only in terms of product innovation, but also in their production process.

What do we currently offer our clients?

Thinking about the importance of weight saving, especially for increasing the electric vehicle range of autonomy and the efficiency of the combustion engines, we were the first company in the world to develop new plastic rails for the window regulators that substitute the old metal rails. Derived from this same objective, we also implement chemical foaming in our door panels to reduce the overall weight, a solution that we have been implementing since 2014, when it was premiered on the visible part of a trunk trim. In the very near future, we will introduce solutions with chemical foaming combined with the use of recycled materials for series production in our market.

We have a great commitment towards the world in terms of sustainability, and we are constantly upgrading our catalog of technological and material solutions with sustainable alternatives. Currently, we deliver solutions for the door panels that include recycled materials like PP, and also recycled textiles developed from plastics recovered from the sea for the covering of the armrest or recycled PET for the covering of the pillars. Soon, we will release in serial production solutions with recycled materials also in visible parts.

Regarding the lighting of the door panel, we provide smart solutions that include ambient lighting with RGB modules and plenty of backlight solutions for a wide range of decorative materials. We are currently about to release our first slim backlight door insert solutions for serial production.

Our production process. Committed to evolve. 

Our goal in the last years has been to automatize most of the steps in the door panel production process, so that we can increase the speed and the reliability of production cycles, improving the quality of our final products. New projects have the automation already implemented in a big percentage and we still working to achieve 100% of automatization. Machine Flexibility, Machine Vision, Machine learning and Quick change tooling have been and are currently our drivers in evolve our process.

What comes next?

We never settled, and we never stop seeking to improve our products. Currently, se are looking into topics as removable adhesives to ensure the recyclability of our door panels as well as new sustainable materials with outstanding structural performance.

We are also having a closer look to include new technological features to ensure the health and safety of the users, to make the door panels and with it the whole cabin, a clean and healthy space which is a sensitive point for the shared vehicle.

Comfort and user experience are key when we think about innovative products, that was our reason for developing new thermal comfort solutions through the surface as well as reinventing the traditional storage space. We are also exploring and evaluating a wide range of technologies to expand the infotainment potential beyond its current boundaries together with dynamic color effects in the decorative parts and offer the users an immersive experience through the door panel.



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