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Antolin's sales reached €4.62 billion en 2023, up 4% compared to the previous year (€4.45 billion). 

EBITDA increased by 10% to €328 million, amid continued pressure on costs across all markets and the impact of exchange rates. Antolin’s EBITDA margin reached 8.1% (1.1 basis points more than in 2022), excluding extraordinary expenses and including the synergies associated with the Transformation Plan. This plan aims to consolidate Antolin as a leading global supplier of vehicle interiors through sustainable and profitable growth. The implemented efficiency and optimization measures and cost control boosted the company's profitability.

In 2023, Antolin saw new order intakes worth €5.50 billion, of which more than 25% came from Asia and 11% was linked to business with Chinese car manufacturers. The company is thus making progress in its goal of expanding its business in the Asian market, focusing on China and India and increasing and diversifying its customer base.

Thanks to the strong competitive position with its customers and its extensive portfolio of solutions for the vehicle interior, Antolin's regions have performed well during the past year. Sales in Asia increased by 3% to €756 million, and in Europe and the Rest of the World by 6% to €2.23 billion. The company's revenues in North America reached €1.57 billion, versus €1.56 billion in the previous year.



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