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Antolin achieved revenues of €4,451 million in 2022 compared to €4,055 million in the same period last year (+10%).

This strong growth was achieved in an environment marked by significant uncertainties, such as global supply chain issues and worsening macroeconomic conditions amid elevated inflationary pressures and rising interest rates. Despite this, Antolin’s sales performed better than the global industry thanks to the robustness of its business and its ability to adapt in an agile and efficient manner to the market and customer situation. Global vehicle production grew by 6% in 2022 but is still far from pre-pandemic numbers.

The company had an ebitda of €297 million, which represents a growth of 5%, achieved in part by the efficiency measures put in place and the optimization of costs.

The commercial effort and commitment to providing more value-added products and technology to customers allowed Antolin to close 2022 with a record project capture of €7 billion.

In 2022 Antolin’s revenue by regions also outperformed the respective markets. Sales in North America grew 17% to €1,565 million, while sales in Asia Pacific rose 24% to exceed €730 million.

South America had revenue of €93 million, up 56%, and Africa improved 16% to €84 million. In Europe, Antolin also performed more positively than the market, posting sales of €1,973 million (-1%), compared to a 1.4% drop in European vehicle production.



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