Grupo Antolin unveils in-Pulse, a new concept car for the urban century

Grupo Antolin unveils in-Pulse, a new concept car for the urban century

  • Grupo Antolin creates an experience that fully embodies the vehicle’s character through a flexible interior space, lighting solutions and new morphing shapes.
  • The concept which displays state of the art solutions that enrich the user experience inside a vehicle is mainly targeted to the North American market.

Grupo Antolin unveils a new virtual interior concept car: in-Pulse. This interior of the future is the result of Grupo Antolin North America Innovation Department’s vision of a flexible car interior space. This vehicle offers a comfortable interior that transforms to provide users with a personalized driving experience as well as convenient storage proposals.

This concept aligns with Antolin’s strategic lines of innovation by displaying state of the art solutions that enrich the user experience inside a vehicle mainly targeted to the North American market. However, this ideation can be easily adapted to the needs of other territories.

The concept car offers ready-to-market solutions combined with looking-forward technologies. The interior is based on an electric SUV with Level 4 of autonomy and an interior adapted to the loading and storage user’s needs.

The attention to detail stands out as the car fairly excels with innovative technologies and design ideas:

  • The creation of new experiences in the vehicle become an essential value to generate new driving sensations and well-being inside the car. Technologies such as the use of active acoustics systems, the projection of information on interior surfaces or personalized functional lighting integrated in the headliner substrate, as well as retractable sunvisors that are automatically deployed only when needed, allow the creation of individual comfort bubbles.
  • Improving the interior life quality has become a market priority, so In-Pulse offers a new generation of air purification systems and sterilization solutions for interior surfaces and personal belongings. The aim is to create a safer environment for the occupants.
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems are also part of the product portfolio exhibited with the seamless integration of artificial intelligent technologies using camera systems: DMS (Driving Monitoring System) and OMS (Occupant Monitory Systems). This type of technologies can also be used to create in-cabin comfort and infotainment systems preference settings.
  • As part of the new market trends, the smart surfaces take a prominent position in this concept through a new generation of trim and decorative parts, bringing new options for the OEMs design studios: capacitive solutions combined with haptic technologies, ambient and functional lighting to improve the driving experience. Pursuing on the new model of integration, the seamless incorporation of morphing surfaces in the instrument panel, floor console and door panel, as well as the new morphing cup holders  that adapt to all types of beverage containers, are a new path to clean and pure surfaces that adapt to the user’s needs.
  • Sustainability is becoming a priority objective. The use of natural and sustainable materials offers a high-end perception: cork, stone, vegetable leather or natural fabric for surfaces are the materials of choice for this natural touch. Chemically foamed plastics, Natural Fibers (NFPP) technologies, and the use of laser welding contribute to the light weight required for Electric Vehicles. On the other hand, the combination of these natural surfaces with advanced technologies is an opportunity to re-think the way our products are designed. The eco-design approach is also a key element of the proposal.

In-Pulse reflects Grupo Antolin’s vision of the future generation of vehicles and is the ideal support to engage with customers by providing them innovative solutions aligned with the needs and expectations of the new mobility.



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