Lighted emblems, the way to stand out in the crowd

Lighted emblems, the way to stand out in the crowd


Signature and Functional lighting meet together for brand differenciation

Exterior lighting is evolving towards new functionalities, more efficiency, better performance, and new designs where the lighting plays a center role in the style of the brands and models. An article written by our expert Tahina Rakotoarison.

Despite national regulations, that in some territories still limit the use of exterior logo lights under certain circumstances, the trend is clear and many brands are already implementing such solutions into their new models. Grupo Antolin has all the necessary core competences to bring this lighted logos to the road.                                                                                                                                           El ID.4: Logo developed by Grupo Antolin

Light is a perfect symbol for the mobility of the future and it buils character to new cars. Exterior retro-illuminated logos are one of the trends to enhance the exterior of the cars that more and more users are demanding.

China was the first region where we found passenger vehicles with lighted emblems on the roads. China is usually ahead of Europe in certain regulations and new implementations. Europe, by contrast, is not allowing by now this kind of emblems when the car is in motion.

Let's take a quick view at the regulation for each region to understand the differences among them:


The current regulation does not allow emblem/logo lamps:

  • Lighting is allowed if the logos are installed in pairs, symmetrically and at the same height.
  • In principle, only white light is permitted at the front of the vehicle and red light at the rear. Exceptions to this rule are reversing lights in white and yellow indicators.

Today, lighted Emblems are still NOT allowed in Europe, although it looks like a potential modification could be planned soon, with the inclusion of the emblem in the front or rear position lam

Fig. 1: Rear or front "bandeau" position lights according to the regulation UNECE-R48 (Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations)

Fig. 2: Some examples of what is not allowed yet in Europe.


Backlighted logos are already in serial production and you can see them on the streets. In terms of directives, the updated regulations (2019) support emblem/logo lamps. In the last update, there is a modification in the definition of "single lamp” and they have introduced the concept of "interdependent lamp", which could be understood as an emblem/logo lamp.

Interdependent lamp: a part of an interdependent lamp system, that lights up at the same time when it is in operation; it has an independent viewing surface and a separate lamp body in the direction of the reference axis, and may also have an independent light source.

According to regulations, only white light is allowed at the front of the vehicle and red light at the rear.

Despite all these regulations, it’s clear this is an unstoppable trend that will gain increasing presence in the upcoming years.

Grupo Antolin, in line with the market trend, is already developing and manufacturing lighted exterior emblems, even functional ones (the lighting turns red when braking). Our expertise ranges from distinctive lighting technology, electronics and software know-how to production of plastic parts and decorative surfaces with high-quality finishes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Virtual Reality Concept Car by Grupo Antolin











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