Grupo Antolin

As a result of years of strong collaboration, Renault and Antolin have developed together the technology of chemical foaming for door panel visual application.

Grupo Antolin

Antolin is once again one of the companies with the best reputation in Spain, according to the Merco Empresas ranking, the prestigious corporate reputation monitor that has just presented its 2023 results. The company ranks 86th in the ranking and second in the industrial sector.

Grupo Antolin
  • After four years of joint work, the results are very satisfactory with major advances in the field of safety, automated driving, comfort and health.
  • Some of the innovative solutions developed include ozonation, air purification, cabin heating control and lighting systems, among others.
  • The insAI Joint Research Unit, which has mobilised a budget of more than 2.2 million euros and a team of 25 researchers, has been supported by the Xunta de Galicia through the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN) with ERDF funding.
Grupo Antolin

Antolin aims to become a business benchmark in the new green economy to contribute to the fight against climate change and show its support for the transition to a low-carbon industry. On World Environment Day, the company wants to reaffirm this commitment that stems from the conviction that companies must lead this action to generate a positive impact on all their stakeholders.

Grupo Antolin

The Joint Research Unit (JRU) insAI, a collaborative initiative between CTAG and Antolin, comes to an end after its launch in 2020. Its main objective has been the analysis, definition, design, and development of intelligent and innovative solutions of monitoring the occupants of a vehicle, in order to help ensure safety and improve the user experience and comfort.