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Press release
Grupo Antolin
  • Sales grew by 4% to €4.62 billion, with an increase in operating margin to 8.1%.
  • Antolin saw new order intakes totaling 5.50 billion, ensuring sustained, profitable and diversified growth.
  • In addition to an improvement in the ratings provided by the main ESG rating agencies, Antolin was recognized as one of the five best suppliers in the sector for its sustainable performance.
Grupo Antolin
  • Companies introduce their new Sunrise vehicle concept cockpit, engineered for seamless transitions between manual and autonomous driving modes.
Grupo Antolin
  • The North American Innovation Department of Antolin has pushed the boundaries of door complexity reduction while offering a new virtual concept properly designed to meet the desires of any client around the world.
Grupo Antolin
  • This review coincides with the change of corporate image and identity, with the aim of conveying the essence of the new Antolin, what it is and its intended position.
Grupo Antolin
  • The NightSight Assist project allows users to reduce headlight glare, better appreciate shapes in low visibility situations, or improve signal interpretation through a lighting system that optimizes the driver’s pupil diameter.
  • The project has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Ophthalmology (IOBA) and the University of Valladolid (UVa).