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Press release
Grupo Antolin
  • She becomes Vice-Chair with a priority focus on the company’s transformation.
  • As set out in the Family Protocol, she will take over from María Helena Antolín who was appointed Vice-Chair in 2015 and has been with the company for thirty years in a variety of roles.
  • The Board of Directors underscores María Helena’s work, commitment and contribution during all this time at Antolin.
Grupo Antolin
  • Gross operating profit was up by 12% due to cost control and efficiency measures, while the year’s order intake reached €5.3 billion.
Grupo Antolin
  • The project contributes to decarbonisation and leverages the infinite resources nature provides, setting a precedent for the automotive industry.
Grupo Antolin

Antolin welcomed the president of the regional government of Castilla y Leon, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who has been able to learn firsthand about the innovation and sustainability projects the company is working on.

Grupo Antolin
  • The company strengthens its Advisory Board to support the Board of Directors regarding strategic decision-making in the midst of the automotive industry’s important challenges.
  • Antolin is convinced that good governance is key to sustainable business development and creating value for stakeholders.