Training and Development

The new trends in connectivity and digitisation of the automotive sector –both of the vehicle and its components and manufacturing processes– require professionals who are knowledgeable of cutting-edge technologies and Industry 4.0 and specialised in completely new fields of knowledge. As part of the commitment to our employees, Antolin has a wide range of training courses with the aim of improving their knowledge and capabilities and preparing them for the transformation that the automotive industry is experiencing. Our commitment to career itineraries is key by designing professional development plans adapted to the needs and profiles of our employees. This is complemented by specific monitoring of training in all workplaces.

Extraordinary Leader Programme targeted at the organisation's management profiles. Leadership requires managing people, resources and results by identifying growth opportunities for the organization and its teams.

Mobility Grid. This programme identifies employees with industrial experience who are open to international experience in order to support projects or programme launches in factories. These teams harness the potential of the company's diversity, promote teamwork and share knowledge.


Within the automotive sector, the digital transformation of the business is essential in any area to be competitive. Human resources systems are constantly evolving with new digital solutions in key processes, such as attracting and retaining talent or continuing workforce training.