The president of the regional government of Castilla y Leon visits Antolin

The president of the regional government of Castilla y Leon visits Antolin


Antolin welcomed the president of the regional government of Castilla y Leon, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who has been able to learn firsthand about the innovation and sustainability projects the company is working on.

During the visit, Fernández Mañueco has been accompanied by Ernesto Antolin, chairman of Antolin; Emma Antolin, member of the Board of Directors and director of Corporate Governance of Antolin; and Cristina Blanco, chief executive officer of Antolin. Jorge Juarez, director of Technology Solutions, and Javier Villacampa, corporate director of Innovation, also accompanied the president of the regional government of Castilla y León.

The visit was attended by the regional minister for Economy and Finance of Castilla y León, Carlos Fernández; the mayor of Burgos, Cristina Ayala; and the territorial delegate of the regional government of Castilla y León in Burgos, Roberto Saiz.

Fernandez Mañueco has visited the Eurotrim facility, Antolin’s world-class automotive headliner plant, and the company’s headquarters, where he was able to see the R&D center where Antolin’s innovation projects are centralized. He was also introduced to the Central Validation and Laboratory, one of the largest centers of its kind in Europe: it is responsible for carrying out the necessary validation phases throughout the life of the Antolin product, including the relevant studies and approvals.

“Our teams are working on developing innovative solutions to help produce more sustainable, advanced and safe vehicles as part of our transformation plan. The objective is to lead, from the inside of the car, the process of technological and industrial transformation that the automotive sector experiences. We are ambitious and we want to continue consolidating ourselves in the global industry as a reference supplier. For that, the strong commitment we are making to R&D is essential”, highlighted Ernesto Antolin, chairman of Antolin this morning.

Ernesto Antolin thanked Fernández Mañueco for the support of the regional government of Castilla y Leon to the company’s Strategic Innovation Plan through the programs of the Institute for Business Competitiveness.

During his visit, the president of the regional government of Castilla y Leon has seen the company’s latest sustainable innovations, such as the foamed door panel of the new Renault Espace that employs sustainable technology in terms of weight, recyclability, ductility, and carbon footprint; or Antolin’s award-winning green headliner produced from plant waste. He has also learned about the latest advances in dynamic and communicative lighting, which are changing the way passengers and the car interact or the Vehicle Access System, which allows safe and comfortable access to the car through voice or facial recognition.

The company is clear that innovation and sustainability are key to leading the profound change that the automobile and mobility industry is experiencing in a challenging environment that requires it to be at the technological forefront.




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