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Grupo Antolin
  • Commercial partnership with supplier Moriroku to develop projects for Toyota in the Japanese market with the aim of expanding the business with Japanese manufacturers.
Grupo Antolin
  • With this technology it will be possible to access any vehicle, quickly, easily, without keys and, what is more important, safely, only with the driver's voice.
Grupo Antolin
  • Record order intake worth €7 billion, ensuring a significant base of future growth.
Grupo Antolin

The Joint Research Unit (JRU) insAI, a collaborative initiative between CTAG and Antolin, comes to an end after its launch in 2020.

Grupo Antolin

Diversity is one of Antolin’s great assets. It is a cross-sectional factor of its sustainable and responsible business model.

Grupo Antolin

Grupo Antolin was awarded as 2022 Sustainability Leader Company at the 12th Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility Event that was held on December 28th to 29th.

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