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Grupo Antolin
  • This review coincides with the change of corporate image and identity, with the aim of conveying the essence of the new Antolin, what it is and its intended position.
Grupo Antolin
  • The NightSight Assist project allows users to reduce headlight glare, better appreciate shapes in low visibility situations, or improve signal interpretation through a lighting system that opt
Grupo Antolin
  • The centre will produce solutions that combine lighting, HMI systems and electronics for leading manufacturers in the Indian market, leveraging the emerging demand for smart advanced surfaces
Grupo Antolin

ESPADIN (ESPAcios de Datos para la INdustria) is a research project conceived with the purpose of advancing the deployment of 4.0 technologies by creating an industrial data space that can be share

Grupo Antolin
  • This certification recognizes best practices and a commitment to promoting a responsible culture to mitigate risks of regulatory non-compliance.
Grupo Antolin

As a Tier 1 supplier of vehicle interior components, we often get questions about what we envision for the car of the future.

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