Our products combine design, innovation and sustainability

We manufacture products that are technologically sustainable, based on two premises: light and green, thereby contributing to lower CO2 emissions. This is our way of making a commitment to the environment and to our clients.

Grupo Antolin is present in 9 of the top 10 best selling cars in the world

It is present on the inside of the world's best-selling cars, providing the interior equipment for more than 500 different models.

We dominate the complete product cycle: conception, validation, industrial process, assembly and sequenced delivery of the product.

We have 151 production plants and JIT (Just In Time) centers and 22 technical-commercial offices.



Antolin, through its Electronics System business unit, provides different solutions for functionalities associated to the interior of the automobile, giving answer to the increasing demand for intelligent systems that the sector requires.​

We are specialists in the development of a wide range of control units that manage the body and comfort functions of the vehicle, offering a complete service in engineering, manufacturing and distribution. In order to strengthen our position in the market, Antolin counts with a large group of strategic partners in different fields of automotive electronics, making joint designs to offer products with the latest technology at competitive price levels. Among these partners we can highlight:

  • AED Engineering, a consolidated multinational in the field of software, hardware, test and integration solutions. They specialize in the production of embedded systems for the automotive industry.
  • Cipia, formerly Eyesight Technologies, a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences. The company focuses on the automotive in-cabin environment, offering Driver Sense, driver monitoring system; Cabin Sense, occupancy monitoring systems; and Fleet Sense, a driver monitoring device for fleets.
  • The Chinese company Hirain Technologies, that provide solutions to the Chinese market. Headquartered in Beijing, Hirain also has offices in Europe and USA.

Our smart integration strategy allows us to offer a unique combination of trim parts, decorative surfaces, lighting and electronics solutions in one final product. This leads to a reduction in the complexity of the components, decreasing development time and system integration efforts.



We develop technology that understands and predicts human actions

Antolin develops and integrates Driver and Occupancy Monitoring Systems in passenger cars and other vehicles to improve safety and enhance the user experience. The DMS Driver Monitoring Systems and OMS Cabin Sensing meet the automotive industry’s demanding requirements in terms of safety and reliability.  A new era of automotive safety has started and cars must be equipped with advanced safety systems such as driver drowsiness and attention warning. These safety systems will enable to:

  • Fulfill basic upcoming EURO NCAP requirements.  In their 2025 Roadmap, DMS are identified as a primary safety feature. A reward is foreseen which is related both to the problems detected by the system and to the action taken (warning in the first instance).
  • Fulfill the European Parliament’s legislation for advanced safety features in new car models, providing a robust solution for drowsiness and distraction detection.
  • Satisfy NHTSA requirements.

With the modular concept developed by Antolin, the benefits for car manufacturing companies are:

  • Flexible integration into the specific OEM hardware and electrical architecture​.
  • Seamless integration into Antolin portfolio (overhead console, cockpit, pillars…).

Antolin leads a partner network of Specialized  Automotive Suppliers that work in multi-platform solutions, from premium to mass-produced cars and guarantee a short time to market.

Antolin strives to reduce the road accidents through monitoring certain events for a safer ride. Some circumstances that could be monitored are:

  • Drowsiness, enabling the car to warn the driver.
  • Distraction to minimize the risk of accidents.​
  • Wearing a seatbelt​.
  • Smoking and dangerous behavior​.

There are also other optional functions that can be configured:

  • Identification to adjust personalized settings​.
  • Driver Medical Status.

These events can be also recognized under special situations like extreme head poses, partial occlusions, masked drivers or even wearing sunglasses.

Through the Cabin Sensing solution, the following events can be detected or monitored:

  • Safety seatbelt status​.
  • Seat occupancy​.
  • Child seats​.
  • Passenger identification, age and gender​.
  • Forgotten personal objects. ​
  • Detection of passengers out of position.

The events and conditions detected will trigger a reaction from the in-vehicle systems: ​warning dynamic lights or backlighted surfaces, that can be as well developed and produced by Antolin.


Antolin offers a comprehensive range of electronic control units for body and comfort applications, allowing the drivers and ​car passengers to adjust the cabin settings generating a comfortable environment for the road ahead.​

In order to comply with the actual market challenges, Antolin is developing electronic controls which cover a wide range of ​vehicle segments. We offer flexible and scalable solutions: from low to high complexity solutions, allowing Antolin to offer cost-effective solutions having the right technology each application needs.​

Our team develops components which cover the need to communicate in a safe and efficient way with the vehicle network, allowing to manage the increase of data that new in-vehicle systems require.

Our solutions cover a wide range of functionalities:​

  • Door Control Modules​.
  • Gateways and Hubs​.
  • Electronic Window Regulators​.
  • Body Control Modules​.
  • Keyless entry systems​.

Car Access System

Antolin develops Car Access Systems based on a variety of technologies from Low Frequency for legacy systems to Ultra-wideband for the latest Digital Key standard. Thanks to its expertise and technological capabilities, the company offers a complete portfolio of solutions such as antennas integrated in the headliner substrate or the central console, sensors in the door handles or in the instrument panel as well as the Electronic Control Units which orchestrate the systems. Antolin is in a unique position to design and seamlessly integrate such solutions in car interior trim components.

The company joined Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to have access and participate in projects implementing the Digital Key which is a standardized ecosystem that allows consumers to easily and securely use their mobile devices to access vehicles. CCC is a cross-industry organization developing global standards and advanced technologies for smartphone-to-car connectivity solutions.


Number one worldwide

One in four cars manufactured in the world are equipped with our modular systems.

Our long industrial tradition, coupled with our capacity for innovation, produce headliner solutions that meet all the needs of our customers in terms of sustainability, weight reduction, customisation and improvement of safety and acoustics.

Our multi-technological offer (WET PU,  thermoplastic and thermostable technologies), as well as a complete network of production plants and Just in Time centres, allow us any level of integration in proximity to our customers. In this way, Antolin stands as a leader in modular headliner, supplying different levels of integration according to the needs of the customer.

We are committed to the development of more sustainable and lightweight headliners, by incorporating natural fibres, green foams and  adhesives. Our efforts also focus on incorporating advanced fabrics that improve perceived quality and functionality, as well as new fixing concepts for modular headliners.

The experience of Antolin offers different coverings levels for substrates with a unique offer of trims. We have developed our own line of fabrics that can offer an unbeatable aesthetic quality, both visual and tactile. Loose fabrics, such as Swan, offer the possibility of two-colour surfaces or laser-drawn graphics. Microfiber fabrics such as Samoa, provide a premium finish for high-end vehicles. We also supply headliners with noble materials such as leather, improving their appearance by incorporating aesthetic and functional seams, as well as other elements such as fibre optics.

The mastery of lighting systems allows us to backlight the substrates, offering unique ambient and functional light solutions on the market, which help in the customisation of the interior.





Cost efficiency, industrial presence and innovative solutions position us as one of the world leaders in this product.

We have all the technologies adapted to each market to meet the most varied requirements in terms of weight, safety and customisation, meeting the technical requirements of all segments.

Antolin has made substantial innovations in this product, such as SOR - Slide On Rod (lateral slide), reducedthickness sunvisors, integration of multi-function mirrors, bimaterials or new design covers.

The company integrates lighting solutions that increase product functionality, from anti-glare halo lighting to custom backlit logos.

We are working on circular economy solutions in this product with the intention of becoming the sustainability leader in sunvisors.






Antolin has the most complete offer in the door function, in the industry from mechanisms to sophisticated trims with decorative films to ambient lighting and electronics.

The door is an essential element of the design of car interior, in which multiple expertiseconverge. It has become an integrator of various components: electronic devices, lighting or decorative inserts, which provide safety, comfort and functionality.

At Antolin, we are experts in door trims and mechanisms, a unique technological synergy in the market that allows us to offer a wide range of modular solutions. Our door panels incorporate innovative technologies in product and process, as well as in materials aimed at weight reduction (natural fibres or chemical foaming).

In short, multi-technology, maximum integration, global implementation and industrial flexibility place us as world leaders in this product.




Our offer in hard trim consists of a wide range of products ranging from upper and lower pillars to plastic covers of all types, gate and trunk modules, door scuffs, cargo management solutions and “front trunks”for electric vehicles (FRUNK).

The pillars have become a key element of perceived quality of the interior of the car.  For Antolin, the adjustment of the pillars with the headliner substrate is one of the main issues in the development of the overhead function, both for the safety and airbag deployment and for the need for a harmonious result of the entire interior.

Antolin develops technological solutions taking into account factors such as head impact regulations, the possibilities offered by its new fabrics, and the incorporation of both ambient and functional lighting elements.




Where functionality, lightness and silence come together

Antolin develops and produces solutions for ihe interior luggage compartment, satisfying the three maxims of this function: weight, cost and soundproofing.

The company offers all components, from loading  floor and side trim panels  to tailgate trim and parcel shelves. Advances in this function focus on weight reduction, improved soundproofing, the use of new materials and the integration of lighting solutions.

Another key aspect is efficient cargo management, offering everything from variable anchorage systems to “origami” compartments that allow optimal modularisation of the cargo space.

This business area benefits from technological knowledge of other functions by leveraging synergies and cross-divisional knowledge. In this way, Antolin produces, for certain segments, its own carpets and linings.




In mechanisms, we have a wide range, from simple window regulators in all morphologies to complex modules and smart systems.

We manufacture window regulators in materials such as plastic, aluminium or traditional steel. Performance using novel materials is the same with the possibility of reducing components, minimising weight and, in some cases, at a lower cost compared to conventional products. We also innovate to reduce module complexity, simplify the production process, and even incorporate novel materials such as EPP in the modules production.

Our offer of mechanisms is complemented with seat locks, being suppliers of complete platforms for certain customers.





Light as an element of communication

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the vehicle today more than ever, as it is a versatile and smart system capable of interacting with different functions of the interior.

Antolin develops and produces any type of lighting both inside and outside the vehicle, with the exception of headlights: overhead consoles with advanced functions, dome lamps, reading spots, multifunction lights, DRLs, welcome lights, license plate and puddle lights, and side repeaters.

Vehicle lighting is essential for road safety, so we develop innovative lighting systems that help driving under certain circumstances (Night Driving Improved Vision System).

The technological partnership with benchmark suppliers, such as Hi-Rain Technologies, allows us to increase our penetration into key markets such as China, with great short-term growth potential.


Interior Lighting

Our range of interior lighting products includes a wide range of solutions that integrates into various systems.

Traditional overhead consoles are optimised by incorporating, in addition to lighting sources, various additional functions such as storage compartments, conversation mirror, microphone, different types of sensors or cameras and even gesture control to operate panoramic systems.

Antolin is also developing a line of consoles with advanced lighting and electronics functions, such as adaptive lighting or matrix lighting, which allow for a personalised level of lighting according to the immediate passengers' needs.

Our offer is completed with reading spots and multifunction lights that can be integrated into overheads, doors, trunks or glove compartments.



We have taken hold in recent years as one of the largest suppliers both in the technological development of ambient lighting – especially for high-end vehicles – and in the new generation of dynamic lighting systems. The purpose is to generate different scenarios that transform the user's onboard experience.

More innovative proposals with functional and dynamic lighting are added to the traditional offer of ambient lighting. Dynamic ambient lighting systems employ Smart LED technology, which, combined with electronics and control software, generate different light signals informing the driver or passenger about vehicle conditions. Light stands as an element of communication between passengers and the outside world.

In this sense, Antolin is a member of the ISELED alliance promoted by BMW to develop complete smart lighting systems inside the car. LED lights become smart thanks to microcontrollers with RGB technology included in the LED itself.



New mobility solutions give us opportunities to enhance our more traditional offer in vehicle exterior lighting. The entire body is built on a platform to integrate complete functional lighting systems that communicate and create brand image. Thus, a new product line emerges: the exterior logos backlit with functional lighting. These logo lights become distinctive symbols of each brand and model range, uniting image with a specific function, such as the third brake light.





Thanks to our wide range of technology and processes, we create fully integrated cockpits and smart surfaces, incorporating lighting solutions, new functionalities and decorative inserts.

The cockpit is the epicentre of the interior of the car, combining the instrument panel with the vehicle's key systems. Antolin's experience in integrating the different components and systems results in a product that responds to the latest trends in mobility: electric, connected and shared vehicles.

The company's innovation is mainly focused on the seamless integration of instrument clusters, multimedia displays, lighting and  electronic solutions as well as driver and passenger monitoring systems.

The company is working to simplify the integration of systems and develop smart surfaces that combine design with functionality and comfort.

Our experience in the development of high quality interiors allows us to design and manufacture instrument panels characterised by their finishes and technological and safety features, such as the seamlesss integration of the passenger airbag system in leather.

We master a variety of unique skin technologies, such as double slush skin, which creates a trim with an unbeatable texture and finish with half the weight at a competitive cost. We cut and sew natural leather skins  combined with decorative seams in a technological craftsmanship exercise.

The seamless integration of multimedia displays and functional decorative inserts is one of the technological challenges that the company bets on in its strategy as Smart Integrators.


The central or floor consoles accompany the instrument panels combining the most functional appearance (storage compartments) with ambient lighting, seams and decorated surfaces. The company also works on reducing the weight of components, as well as on greater integration of functions.

In the future autonomous vehicle, the console will become more relevant to accommodate differet objects for the driver’s leisure or work, integrating drop-down trays, wireless chargers and flexible storage solutions.




Expansion close up

The multiproduct profile of Grupo Antolin has managed to develop its competencies, on a global scale, to be capable of responding to our clients' demands, regardless of location.

Responding to market trends, we manufacture linings for automotive interiors, a wide offer for which we boast of the technological capacity necessary to manufacture molds and tools for development-related processes.

Our extensive product portfolio includes: pillars, lined inserts for dashboards and doors. Likewise, Antolin is proud to offer a notably broad offer for trunks, given that we manufacture, amongst others: fixed and movable trays, hood modules (LTM Liftgate Trim Module), soundproof liners, compartments and a diversity of plastic linings for trunks.



Pillars have evolved into a key element of perceived quality of automobile interiors. For Grupo Antolin, adjusting the pillars to the roof substrate is a main issue of roof function design, as much for safety reasons, airbag deployment, as well as for responding to the demand for an overall harmonious interior as a result.

Grupo Antolin develops technological solutions taking into account factors such as regulations on head impacts, the possibilities offers by its new fabric linings, and the integration of lighting.

Vast know how in manufacturing surface decorated components. Focus on Premium segments.

ABC superior and inferior decorated pillars.




The acquisition in 2011 of the Italian company CRS entailed the incorporation of Incotech technology, by which thermoforming and plastic injection coincide in the same production cycle. This competitive technology permits for manufacturing, in a multitude of materials,

lined inserts for instrumentation and door panels, amongst other components.



Grupo Antolin is a global leader in the development and production of fixed and movable trays, through various processes. Our technological control over the thermoforming process for the roof function allows our company to transfer its expertise to tray manufacturing. As a result, both the process and the end product are optimized to the maximum.

The new fabric linings developed by the Group, such as Swan or Samoa, allows for increasing the perceived quality of trays for both sight and touch, as well as improving the price-quality ratio.



Grupo Antolin designs and manufactures liners for trunks, linings for floors and other auxiliary functions, through processes like injection and thermoforming, thereby striking a balance between the 3 key factors demanded by manufacturers for the trunk function: cost, weight and acoustic behavior.

Products developed by Grupo Antolin for this function are:

  • LTM (Liftgate Trim Module).
  • Side liners for trunks.
  • Load floors.
  • Cargo management systems.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Storage bins and plastic parts...



The benefits at a glance:

  • Great weight savings in relation to standard tufts.
  • Improved quality level – best possible covering power.
  • No breakage on round areas.
  • Very Clean finished edges.
  • Increased end user satisfaction – thanks to easy-care handling.















Acoustic comfort

The acoustics inside a vehicle is becoming one of a manufacturer's leading concerns. Noise, in addition to being a source of discomfort, also transmits certain product-related information. It may convey the idea of sturdiness or fragility, power or smoothness, and without a doubt, is able to create a positive, subjective impression called Acoustic Quality.


DEADENER (DVD: Dämpfung Verstärkung Dach)

The Deadener is a vibration damping element attached to the bodywork's metal roof for vibration absorption and structural reinforcement. Grupo Antolin provides the technical resources for designing and manufacturing this component, optimizing weight, stiffness and level of damping, at an unbeatable cost.



The Underbody Shield is a thermoplastic composite mounted below the bodywork to protect mechanical parts from impact, splashes or humidity. But not only that, it also improves aerodynamics and reduces both fuel consumption and noise in the compartment.

Grupo Antolin has the technology required for their design, manufacture and supply to help the client obtain an optimum design that fulfills expectations.



The Hoodliner is a soundproofing component on the hood used to absorb noise generated by the motor, avoiding its seeping into the vehicle's compartment.

Grupo Antolin uses the most modern, highest level technology to make the pieces fire retardant (FR) without liquid retardants, maximizing acoustics and minimizing weight. Another competitive edge, Antolin has forged important collaborations for its roof-manufacturing processes, wherefore they may be manufactured anywhere worldwide.

Metal Components


Proven experience with metalworking

The metalworking experience of Antolin transforms into the possibility of designing and producing metal components through diverse technologies: Welding, Curving, Bending, Stamping and Profiling. 

Our added value lies in more flexible designs, lighter weights and less consumption of material, with a considerably lower investment. 

Most relevant products in this category: 

  • Bulkhead
  • Door reinforcements
  • Structural side reinforcements
  • Power window tracks
  • Door frames 
  • Window guide rails
  • Window supports
  • Battery supports
  • Structural cross-pieces
  • Roof arches



Our competitive advantages reside in our broad practice in designing and manufacturing tools and machines for profiling systems. The use of ultra-high limit elasticity materials positions our final products at the cutting-edge of our clients' demands in terms of costs and technical requirements.