Product quality, manufacturing and development

 At Antolin we are firmly committed to our customers and to meeting their needs, and in this sense we apply technical and management tools in accordance with the sector's regulations to guarantee the quality of the products supplied and the services provided:

The company's management system ensures that all functions work together towards this common goal while creating value for all stakeholders.




The main pillars on which the good performance and the achievement of the above objective are summarised in the following priorities:

Robust product-process design and industrialisation: Application of the project management process and advanced quality planning from project conception to the end of its serial life.

Efficient production: Application of production management, logistics and engineering processes always in coordination with the serial quality assurance process during the production and value generation period of our programmes.

Global support: One of the most important pillars to guarantee a perfect balance in achieving customer satisfaction is the efficient management of transversal global support aimed at the management of people, technical resources and supplies that both our developments and our production operations require.

A path: At Antolin we are convinced of the need to preserve and strengthen the values that have made this company a benchmark for compliance, competitiveness and agility in its relations with its customers and, in general, its most important stakeholders. In this sense, the strategic processes guarantee a clear course around these principles and values.

Continuous improvement: The organisation of Antolin, and the activities planned for each function, are aimed at obtaining results in accordance with the expectations of our customers and our stakeholders as a whole. In addition, these same processes contain within them strategies that promote sustainable and responsible continuous improvement, activity by activity, and for the entire operation as a whole, establishing a dynamic of continuous improvement, in order to ensure the performance of the business and its permanence in the market.


Quality Policy