Antolin works to become a benchmark company with its respect for the environment, as well as through its contribution in the fight against climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Value for the Planet commitment can be seen in two ways: first, the environmental footprint generated by the company itself; and second, the one caused by its products. In both cases, Antolin is working to minimize the impact generated. And it does so by accompanying its customers in achieving their own emission reduction and circular economy commitments, always in collaboration with its supply chain.


Three main axes of action:

Carbon-neutral company

Antolin is deeply committed to the decarbonization of the automotive industry.

  • Corporate and product carbon footprint reduction.
  • Promoting innovation and technological development to reduce the weight of the components produced by Antolin in response to customer expectations.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of production processes and facilities.
  • Promoting the consumption of energy from renewable sources and the generation of electricity for self-consumption.
  • Extension of the decarbonization and responsible business commitments to the supply chain.

A circular business  |  Do more with less

The balance between progress and sustainability involves decreasing the use of resources, reducing the production of waste and limiting the use of energy. Antolin’s commitment is to promote a circular model:

  • Eco-design of products and solutions.
  • Monitoring and increasing the use of sustainable materials.
  • Reducing the use of non-returnable packaging.
  • Less waste generation.

Alliances to promote sustainability  |  United to move faster

  • Collaborations with external agencies to promote circular economy or curb climate change that advance the achievement of the environmental objectives of Antolin, while reinforcing the visibility and responsible positioning of our organisation.
  • Roll-out sustainability commitments though the supply chain by means of the Supplier Code of Conduct.




Environmental and Energy Policy