Corporate governance

Ethics, integrity and transparency are the three main pillars on which Antolin’s Corporate Governance is based. With the responsibility that following these three main principles implies, the company adopts sustainability criteria for each and every one of its decisions to ensure the proper functioning of its business activity, looking forward to longterm future and to responding to the needs and expectations of its environment and stakeholders

Antolin not only monitors the trends that set the path in terms of governance and integrates them into its governance model, but it also integrates the environmental, social and good governance requirements into the company’s strategy and the development of these criteria in the supply chain.



Corporate Governance



Antolin’s governance and administration bodies are governed by a set of rules and principles that safeguard the smooth running of the company:


The General Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors are the backbone of Antolin’s governance model. The company is 100% controlled by the Antolin family.

General Shareholders’ Meeting

All its members belong to the Antolin family and all the shareholders are represented in it. It is therefore the company’s highest decision-making body.

Board of Directors

This body is responsible for the governance and administration of the company through the approval of the corporate strategy and general policies, as well as the supervision of those matters of particular importance for the company and that are of special relevance to stakeholders.

The Board is made up of five members, two of whom are women, who are elected by the General Shareholders’ Meeting for a renewable six-year period. Daily management is entrusted to the Chief Executive Officer and Management Committee.

Ernesto Antolin
Emma Antolin
Jose Antolin
Cristina Blanco
Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Ángel Vicente
Alberto Guerra
Pablo Ruíz
Non-board Member Secretary


  • Audit Committee:

This is chaired by an independent advising director who is responsible for: supervising internal control, risk management, internal financial reporting management system (FRMS) and external audit. It also works with the Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee to analyze the management of conflicts of interest and prepare the formulation of the annual accounts and the Statement of Non-Financial Information (SNFI).

  • Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee:

Chaired by an independent advising director. It has powers to monitor compliance with the Corporate Governance rules, internal codes of ethics, compliance programs, environmental policies and corporate responsibility. It also supervises the Annual Corporate Governance Report and the preparation of the SNFI, in coordination with the Audit Committeex.

  • Appointments and Remuneration Committee:

It deals with evaluating the company's remuneration policies and has responsibility for nominating candidates to the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors and analyzing candidates for senior management roles. Like the two previous committees, it is also chaired by an independent advising director.


Stakeholder interest group Audit Committee
4 Members
2 Woman
2 Independent advisory directors
7 Meetings
Stakeholder interest group Sustainability and corporate governance committee
4 Members
2 Women
2 Independent advisory directors
7 Meetings
Stakeholder interest group Appointments and remuneration committee (ARC)
3 Members
2 Women
1 Independent advisory directors
7 Meetings

Meetings in the financial year 2022

Advisory Board

It is a consulting body that offers advice on all those decisions corresponding to its area of responsibility, as established in the Board regulations. Operating as a joint committee, it is made up of six independent  advisory directors, three women, who are members and chair the different Delegated Committees. All of them have had outstanding careers in their respective areas and experience in leading companies and organizations. They also come from different professional backgrounds, which undoubtedly enriches their contribution as advisers to Antolin.

Milagros Caiña
Former Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations at BMW
Macarena Casinello
Director at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Business Expert at Palfinger AG
Carmen Gómez de Barreda
Independent Director of Red Eléctrica Corporación and Grupo Mutua Madrileña. Proprietary Director of Hispasat
Javier Lázaro
Chief Financial Officer of ITP Aero
Jürgen Stackmann
Director of the Future Mobility Lab at St. Gallen University Mobility Institute.