People are the true engine of Antolin and the key to its  success. Their strong involvement and commitment to their work creates a differential advantage that is reflected in the good results of the business. The feeling and pride of belonging to this family company mean that the employees work with a good team spirit and a great ability to adapt to the circumstances in the environment, however difficult they may be.

For the development of a sustainable business model in its ‘Value of People’ axis, the company has established some targets to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment and the application to talent management of the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion. A road map that goes back to what forms the starting point for every business, the people, and place them where they should always be, in a preferential position.





We ensure absolute respect for human rights throughout the value chain, as we spread our values, commitment to the environment and ethical behaviour.

We promote initiatives that ensure a behaviour of integrity in all of the countries where we develop our commercial, industrial and financial activity.

This commitment is articulated through different policies and codes, including the following:

Diversity, equality&inclusion

Antolin is aware of the importance of incorporating different and diverse perspectives, and is working actively to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company.

Antolin’s management is deeply committed to this strategy of respect and promotion of diversity and this translates into specific plans that address diversity in its most tangible dimensions: functional capacity, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, social and cultural origin and professional profile. These plans are always adapted to the social reality of the regions in which it operates.

An example of this is project management, where the team represents the integration of diversity in the day-to-day life of the company: cross-divisional, multi-disciplinary and diverse teams in all their dimensions, integrating a multitude of races, origins and beliefs.

At Antolin, our Supply Chain Diversity and Inclusion Program is considered to be one of the key elements of our strategy. Therefore, we are committed to an inclusive procurement process that supports the social and economic growth of our supply chain partners, in all communities.


Policy on Diversity and Equal Opportunities
Anti-Harassment Policy

Corporate Health & Safety

Our commitment to occupational health and safety is articulated with the implementation of the right systems, so that our professionals can carry out their work in a safe and healthy environment, through an approach that revolves around two elements: reducing occupational accidents and diseases to zero and universalising the values of safety and health.

The company internally promotes responsible mobility by encouraging all its professionals to move safely, respectfully and responsibly taking the necessary precautions for their own safety and that of other passengers on the way.

Antolin extends its commitment to the supply chain by requiring the adoption of and compliance with the guidelines derived from the occupational safety and health management system adopted.



Occupational Safety and Health Policy
Travel Safety Policy

Sustainable Contribution

Antolin is committed to actively participating in the communities where it operates in order to contribute to its development individually or in partnership with other organisations. It does this by integrating a series of practices of behaviour and social, environmental and economic actions. To this end, we take into account the present and future interests of all parties involved in creating value in a cost-effective manner.

The Antolin Sustainable Contribution Model is our way of interacting with our stakeholders with the purpose of building a space of shared prosperity under an economic, social and environmental perspective based on good ethics, transparency and professionalism.