Virtual Concept Cars

Antolin has developed in 2021 two new virtual Concept Cars, which capture its vision of the car interior of the future, as well as its latest innovative solutions.

Virtual Ride Hailing Concept Car: This vehicle transforms the interior into a living space where people can work, relax or communicate while on the move. In addition, the interior becomes a bubble of health, well-being and safety for occupants thanks to advanced air purification solutions. The smart interior interacts with passengers using state-of-the-art technologies. This Concept Car was presented at a Global Event, which was broadcast through the company's social networks.

Virtual Ride Sharing Concept Car: With this Concept Car, called ELIN, Antolin offers innovative solutions for mobility that is simultaneously electric, autonomous, sharing and healthy. This vehicle shows the company's vision of what shared mobility might look like in big cities. It has been designed to be integrated into the ecosystems of the urban areas. Its versatile interior can be customized for fleets of vehicles by acoustic panels with decorative inserts made by natural materials. ELIN concept car, where ELIN stands for ELectric and AntollN, will ride you to a sustainable future. 



Antolin is carrying out research so that it can develop state-of-the-art solutions that optimally and efficiently integrate new technologies, lighting systems, decorative surfaces and electronics. The combination of this technologies with new sustainable materials results in unique components designed and manufactured with environmental criteria for life cycle assessment and extended useful life.