Grupo Antolin's commitment towards compliance

Grupo Antolin's commitment towards compliance


On December 9th we celebrated the International Anticorruption Day.  Grupo Antolin is taking a strong stance against corruption as part of our Compliance Policy. Antolin don’t and will not tolerate violations of our standards and policies. Our compliance program is designed to prevent, detect, and fix compliance issues. We approach compliance with a growth mindset and a process of continuous improvement, and we invest heavily in innovative and fresh approaches.

We are committed to ensuring our employees understand what is expected from  them and to growing their skills on  ethical decision-making. Our training program, under the Compliance Management Sstem, focuses on values and culture-based learning through in-person and online courses such as Code of Ethics, anti-corruption, anti-trust and anti-harassment workshops, role-targeted training, and integrity skills programs. We require several trainings for our management, described in Trustworthy Representatives, in order to prevent and avoid scandals and fines that affect our competitors.

Grupo Antolin has obtained the Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management Systems certifications from AENOR.

These certifications verify and certify that the company has developed a criminal and anti-bribery compliance system that complies with the requirements of the reference standards UNE 19601:2017 and ISO/UNE 37001:2017.

These policies are the international standards for those companies that want to implement an effective organizational and management model that reduces the risk of committing crimes and corruption.

Grupo Antolin is the first Spanish multinational company in the automotive industry to achieve these certifications from AENOR. Grupo Antolin has become a referent of the international best practices in compliance and fight against corruption.

With these certifications, Grupo Antolin continues to improve on the implementation of the highest standards of compliance to strengthen good governance and responsible management. The company wants to promote a culture of transparency, ethics, and compliance that guarantees the interests of all stakeholders.

We offer multiple ways for employees or third parties to report potential compliance concerns, even  anonymously through a transparency channel or whistle blowing channel. We maintain a comprehensive, global compliance investigation team to review and investigate reported compliance issues.






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